Wolf hunt to begin Saturday

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Minnesota wolves will be hunted once again in Minnesota beginning Saturday.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is issuing 3,600 permits to hunters with a hunting quota of 200 wolves throughout the season, according to a report by the Duluth News Tribune.
The DNR will release another 2,400 licenses for a later season that begins on Nov. 24, with another 200 kill quota.
The Star Tribune reported on the controversy surrounding the new wolf hunting season. Animal activists nationwide have tried to stop the hunt, and the Humane Society of the United States and the Fund for Animals have notified the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that they plan to sue them in order to delay the hunt.
The main dispute is over the actual number of wolves in Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune. The wolf population has been off of the Endangered Species list for less than a decade and the DNR has not fully surveyed the animals in around five years.
Some northern Minnesota residents believe the DNR is actually underestimating the population, based on their own persona experiences.
Even so, it is unlikely that most hunters will see the silent and wily wolf while hunting.

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