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This story was a report in The New York Times on a recent health study that used numbers in several different ways.
The study found that a what a person eats could affect their chances of surviving colon cancer.
The numbers are not the major part of the story, but the ones that are used are highly specified.
For example, a major tool used in the study was the glycemic index measurement, which gages the rate that foods with carbohydrates raise the level of blood sugar and insulin.
The reporter made all of these specific numbers easier to grasp by focusing more on the more general point to the math.
According to the report, the study participants who ate the most carbohydrates and glycemic-heavy foods had an 80 percent higher risk of dying from colon cancer.
The reporter did not do much further manipulation of the data. The numbers used are from the study.
This study was published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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