Man arrested in NYC subway death

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Police arrested a homeless man Wednesday for pushing a rider on to the tracks, where he was killed by a train moments later.
Naeem Davis, 30, was charged with murder for pushing Ki-Suck Han, 58, of Queens, to his death at the 50th Street and Seventh Avenue station Monday, according to a report by The Washington Post.
The New York Times reported that the police rounded up witnesses to identify who was responsible for Han's death. A cellphone video showed the two men in some sort of confrontation.
A controversy arose around a photograph taken by a freelance photographer working for The New York Post of Han stuck on the tracks just moments before he was struck by the train.
According to The Washington Post, many have criticized R. Umar Abassi and the Post for taking and publishing the photographs instead of trying to help the victim.
Abassi defended himself, saying he was too far away to help and was trying to signal to the train to stop, according to The New York Times.
Davis remains in custody.

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