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Itlay PM to quit as party support wanes

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Italy Prime Minister Mario Monti said Saturday he will resign as soon as an important budget law is passed amid waning support from Silvio Berlusconi's party.
Silvio Berlusconi had announced a few hours earlier that he would run for the office of prime minister again, according to a report by The New York Times.
The Guardian reported that although Monti's time in office is supposed to end in April, elections could happen as early as February.
Monti took office last spring after Berlusconi left surrounded by scandal and turmoil.
Monti is credited with improving Italy's market standing, according to The New York Times.
But Monti has relied on support from Berlusconi's party in Parliament throughout his time in office, and that support has since dried up, according to The Guardian.
Berlusconi claims that Italy is worse off now than when he left office, according to The New York Times.

Two killed when bus crashes in to Miami airport overpass

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Two people were killed when their tall tour bus tried to go through an overpass at the Miami International Airport early Saturday.
Three others are in critical conditions, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The 11-foot-bus carrying about 30 Jehovah's Witnesses was being driven by Ramon Ferreiro, 47. According to a report by the Miami Herald, Ferreiro made a wrong turn and missed several warning signs for the 8-foot-6-inch overpass.
Riders near the front of the bus were crushed by the wreckage. The driver's seat was lower than the rest of the bus and he was uninjured, according to the Miami Herald.
Ferreiro was being interviewed by investigators, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Using bikes to attract businesses in Minneapolis

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Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said in a report by MinnPost that the city is using biking infrastructure to attract new businesses and young workers.
According to the report, young professionals are increasingly moving to cities and are more likely to spend money on new technology and expensive bicycles than cars.
This talented pool of the younger generation is exactly who companies are now looking to hire.
Mayor R.T. Rybak told MinnPost that is part of the reason behind why Minneapolis has invested more in biking over the last several years.
Minneapolis consistently is ranked among the best cities for biking in the U.S., with over 180 miles of bike trails so far and double that planned.
The article goes on to describe how other cities are also investing in biking infrastructure with the same intents and purposes.
"We want young talent to come here and stay. And good biking is one of the least expensive ways to send that message," said the mayor to MinnPost.

After an overwhelming amount of support from minority, female and young voters for President Obama on Election Day, many in the Republican party are calling for a change in the party on critical issues for those voters.
According to a report by The New York Times, 71 percent of Latino voters supported Obama at the polls.
This has caused many conservative leaders to call for a different position of immigration reform, including those as prominent as the speaker of the House John A. Boehner.
MinnPost also reported Minnesota's former Governor Tim Pawlenty has said the GOP needs to better serve the needs of these groups and heed the "warning signs on the dashboard."
An additional MinnPost report determined that the failure of the Republican Party in this election could not be solely attributed to the candidates.

Cancelled marathon leads runners to help with storm relief

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Despite the cancellation of the New York City Marathon, many runners were still in the area Sunday to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
According to The New York Times, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg cancelled the marathon Friday in response to anger on the event proceeding despite so many New Yorkers still struggling in the wake of the storm.
The Wall Street Journal reported that many runners still ran the race route Sunday, some even wore their marathon bib numbers.
Many New York residents and runners said in The New York Times that it would have felt wrong for so many resources that could have gone toward storm victims to be directed toward the race.

San Francisco Giants win World Series

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The San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings on Sunday night to win the World Series.
The Giants swept the Tigers in four games, according to an Associated Press report in the Star tribune.
The Chicago Tribune reported that this is the second time in three years that the Giants have won the World Series. The team also won in 2010.
Marco Scutaro singled in Ryan Theriot in the 10th to break the tie.
The weather was dismal throughout the game, with gusting winds and drizzle, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Daredevil Jumps from 24 Miles Above Earth

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Felix Baumgartner became the first human to break the sound barrier through his own power Sunday after jumping from 24 miles above the Earth's surface.
According to a report by The New York Times, Baumgartner was free-falling for over four minutes before engaging his parachute and reached a speed of Mach 1.24, or close to 833.9 mph.
Baumgartner rose to his jump height with a helium balloon in a pressurized suit. According to The New York Times report, part of the mission was to collect data and test the equipment for future pilots and astronauts.
The Los Angeles Times reported that two-dozen cameras were used to film the event. Baumgartner also had a camera attached to his helmet. The event was webcast on the Red Bull Stratos website.
Baumgartner was able to land on his feet in New Mexico as planned.

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