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Andy Goldsworthy inspiration of energy

"Art as a form of nourishment, a way to understand the energy of life running through everything." Andy Goldsworthy. A quote from the movie that has stuck with me since I heard it. In a way he put into words something I have felt but have never known how to explain. Energy is a communication. It can be transfered from on thing to another; interpreted. It is a feeling you can get from something you see, a building, park or scene. Everything speaks to each other in some way or another. it is almost as if energy is a universal language. We moved into an apartment in downtown that was definitely at the highest end of our price range. It has the same features that the other apartments had but this particular one spoke to me. It is in an old hotel with many years of history, it was almost as if the walls told stories, I like the fact that they have a history. Its funny because this neighborhood used to be really bad so when ever I tell someone where i live they look at me as if wondering how I am still alive. on the contrary, the apartment is so inviting and inspiring. It has great energy that pulls you in and makes you comfortable. like the way on a trip through the woods you come to an clearing and when you get closer you realize the picture you can see is one that should be in a calendar for the month of April.
On the hillside below all the flowers are blooming and bursts of colors appear everywhere and the aroma is so strong you would think you had stuck your nose in a flower. the energy of the scene pulled you towards it, drew you to go beyond and seek out and find how beautiful nature can be. the plants and flowers talked to you with their energy. It is things like this that we can live for. the same can be applied as you come into the Twin cities. I knew coming up here there would be something great. in the suburbs it appears kind of like my hometown, just a little more compact. But there is something beyond, as you continue on 35w and eventually head towards downtown I can see the skyscrapers and they draw me in enticing me to come explore and see what I can find.
Goldsworthy did a similar thing as he ventured into the countryside around his home and looked beyond what was merely in front of him until he found something that called to him to come learn and explore and try new things.
He took things we would normally take for granted and look at then pass by and used them to create something even better. For example, the icicle sculpture he made was beautiful, not only in the structure he made but in the concept as he talked about the sunlight in relation to the sculpture.
It was amazing how the light from the sun illuminated the iced sculpture, but unfortunately it was as Goldsworthy said, "it is what makes it beautiful that also destroys it." The sunlight made the sculpture peak in its abilities but the heat from the sun is what destroyed the sculpture.
Through put the move Goldsworthy used natural materials to create his works of art that would overtime eventually return to the earth. The egg made of stone was the exception to this trend. I think it is great to be able to create something that will be around for years to come that will not have a negative impact on the earth, and will gain beauty with age.