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Architecture with no restrictions

One thing I would like to try “architecturally� would be to design a building that would probably turn out like one of Picasso’s paintings. I mean I would like to travel and take pieces of several styles of buildings and piece them together like a puzzle. It would probably be ugly as hell abut it could be kind of interesting. It also may be a way to reuse parts of buildings/structures that are no longer habitable or able to be used. And because all the pieces were all from different regions in the world it could be considered the “Melting Pot� of all building styles.

Another thing I would like to try would be to construct a structure like the 3D puzzles I played with as a kid. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could live in a house shaped like your favorite famous person’s head, the Pharaoh’s of Egypt, Mt. Rushmore, or Homer Simpson (there would be plenty of space up top).

Homer Head.jpg


Another thing I would like to try architecturally would be to just cram all the ideas I had for a building all together and to see what I could come up with through deconstruction. A lot of the time this is how I feel when doing projects. I get a whole bunch of ideas and I need to just take of picture of each idea and lay them all out in front of me and then to work on them collectively by adding the ideas together or deconstructively by taking them apart.
Going through two architecture history classes I feel like puzzles are a lot of what architecture is. Whether it is taking old ideas and piecing them together to create something new, or piecing old styles with new styles, or new materials with old techniques or old materials with new techniques. To me it is all one big clay puzzle that you can piece together however you want to fit whatever need.