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environment 1 to 2: different affects and their reasoning

When thinking of the designed environment I generally think about my surroundings and the routine I go through everyday. One of the best conclusions I can draw from the designed environment around me is how my like has changed since moving to Minneapolis. I am from a smaller city, but I lived in a township of the city so it was pretty much like a little town with no stores, only a golf course and a gas station, and a few other local businesses. Where I live in Minneapolis is also like a little community, Stevens Community if you are familiar with it. We have a gas station, lots of little local stores, there is a bakery down the road and banks etc.

I think a good example of a designed environment would be the U of Mn campus. For the most part I believe this campus is a pedestrian campus. Yes there are places to park and streets on campus to drive on but would a person really take that option. Maybe if you had to go from one bank to the other in less than fifteen minutes. None-the-less, if you want to make it anywhere on campus in a decent timely fashion walking and biking are going to be the best options.

So where do you park? well you can't park for free, each lot has a specific rate they charge per hour. And how do you get to these parking ramps? you have to weave through the pedestrian traffic through campus until you get to a ramp and hope that it is not full by the time you get there.
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What do most of use students do if we live off campus? we ride the bus or ride a bike.