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May 6, 2008

Critique #1

There was a group in our section who had the same goal as the group I was in. The topic was goal 1: Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger. The area in the world they chose to work with was in China.


Their approach to the goal was significantly different then ours. I felt the majority of their project or at least their presentation was just a listing of facts. They seemed to have done their research but didn't really apply it to a solution to help achieve the goal. I think they could have used their research of the area and applied it to a possible solution rather than just telling what the conditions were and how things worked.

It was however nice to know that a group pick a country outside of Africa. I think a lot of groups directed there solutions towards places in Africa as it is a continent where a lot of people are in need.


Critique #2

The only honors group I really though gave an actual solution to a there goal was the group who did goal #3 Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women. I liked this group more than the others because I felt like they not only researched their topic but tried to find a solution which would help achieve their goal. I think a lot of the groups did a good job of presenting their goal and giving information as to why the area they chose would benefit from their help. I also think that is as far as some of the groups took their project. I think this group took their project to the next level even though their presentation was a little shaky. I really liked how they broke down there solution and used a visual to demonstrate how they would apply there solution to the area as well as why it would work.