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Block E- A social design issue


Block E (Entertainment), by trying to “clean up� the neighborhoods, residents were kicked out and now it is unwelcoming to former residents. For image, opera and classical music is played to avoid large crowd gatherings, which seems very intentional. There is no seating, its all for commerce. By not being able to sit and relax in the hallways it becomes very stark and cold. The business aspect of Block E has taken away from the neighborhood feel to the area. It draws it main crowd at night, and for many, that is not the time they want to be out and about. Why not encourage interaction of people? Why does it have to be so cold and unwelcoming? Is it for crimes sake? Or for money? I would argue, it is for money, and while many things are done today with the driving force being money, that is definitely a design issue. The design of the culture of Block E needs to be for all people, not just people spending money at night. By adding benches and encouraging people to engaged with one other the start of a more friendly are could be born.