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Collaborative Environment

If I were released from the constraints of the architecture school program, and was not concerned about receiving a college education and getting a job...if none of that really mattered to me...I would become an advocate doing unto others as I would want them to do unto me. I believe the world can be a better place if we take time to get to know our neighbors or just in casual collisions with people we encounter through out our day.


I want to make a difference by helping someone get an education, a job, or become satisfied with their life. How does this have an impact on my environment? I would create an environment where people were encouraged to strive for what they desire most in life, and this would hopefully create an atmosphere that would foster interaction between the people in my environment.


In my environment, there would be less competition and more working for a greater good. I realize "healthy" competition can be a good thing as it can act as a catalyst in wanting to strive to be a better person, it can also be damaging to one mentally. I would also want to help children, possibly by teaching them that they are the future and that they should set their hopes and dreams high, and strive for them. Teaching others and helping others is artistic. Not everyone has the desire to or feels comfortable helping others strive for the best.