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Transormation through the City

The idea of transfer, flow and transformation of the city to me is one of changes through out history which a city undergoes. The idea of starting from open land, the creation of buildings and or structures to house individuals to do their work, creates an image of being productive and wanting to contribute to society. Every city flows in a different way. I think that all cities, near or far in location to one another, have a fluidity which is unique to their city. Some cities have an energy which is high and full of inspiration and wanting to be productive. There are certain patterns each city can create which allows the user of the city to flow and transform for themselves. The idea of how cities connect with the rest of the environment and how that transforms and flows is disconnected in some cases. While the city is essential for businesses and corporation to function now, if attitudes and ideas of how a transformation in the landscape could be made that would be more fluid with the natural way the earth is, that could have changed the energy and the way people were impacted by the city and all things associated with it.