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Environments affecting who I am and strive to be.

I am affected by the built environment in a way which my thoughts, actions and feelings are different in different places and situations. While I am at my apartment, I feel relaxed and am a positive person who likes to have a good time and do what I enjoy.


The environment of my apartment encourages me to be to be social with visitors I may have and independent if I am alone. I feel creative in my apartment, as I am surrounded by things that allow me to use my creativity, such as my art supplies, sewing machine and other items. I am happy with how my apartment makes me feel.

While at work, my office encourages me to be productive and part of a team, collaborating to achieve the best product. I work at a company which values communication and collaboration, and the built environment most definitely reflects those values. This environment supports who I am as a person. I enjoy working with others to find the best outcome for situations.


While at school, the built environment encourages me to learn, or does it? I would say in some cases it is distracting and directed towards one type of learning style. Why not try different teaching methods to engage all students in activities? Different teaching styles could be integrated with each other to be more affective in engaging all students, especially at the University level, as we are paying a lot of money for our education and are hindered by our environment.

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