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Reactions on presentations:::

Honars presentations---
The group who had the idea of changing the materials and other systems to Riverbend Commons, had good intentions but I think that by changing all the windows and other systems creates waste by having all those items in the landfill. It would be nice if there would be a way to add window film and make appliances run more efficiently in some other way then by replacing them. It is amazing how much water, electricity, and other resources can be reduced my switching to energy efficient and energy star certified appliances. Especially in lower income areas and communities, it only makes sense to install appliances which cost less to use which in turn would save more money for these families.

The group who created the video (which wouldn't play, but I watched on youtube) did a good job with choosing the pictures and music for their video. I loved all the pictures at the beginning and then the music and tone of the video switching change, really caught my attention. With this group and some others, I am still not clear what they are proposing. I found that the same with groups in my section. I feel like some of the groups just found websites and other programs that are already in place and just reiterated the importance of those sites and how we can change the outcome of the goals by using them.

It was really interesting to listen to the presentations not only in class but also in section. With all the good ideas, it would be nice to be able to put them into action. Maybe taking the project one step further would be mailing/contacting a representative or someone with power to actually fund the ideas we had, and talking to them about our ideas and how we think we can help. I so want to help, and feel connected to my goal, but am at a loss as to how to really help. My good thoughts and intentions are there, so if the opportunity does present it self to me, I will get on -board and do what I can to help initiate change.