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May 11, 2006

Goosberry Falls

Ryan, Erik, and I decided to document Goosberry Falls because we have all been there before so we kind of know where to get the best photos. Our first idea was to have a light blue cloth 4ft by 12ft long. We then cut sheets of a clear and a blue shower curtain to give it more that waterfall feel to the piece. We would then have fans that would be directed toward the cloth and have the strips blow in the wind. We also had the idea to use iron sheets to put our images on the cloth. We had everything done and so we went forward with ironing. We ironed our first image and noticed that all the white in the photo turned blue because of the blue cloth. We didnt like that so wwe trashed that altogether. We ran up to wal-mart to get a 12ft white cloth this time. We then cut it 8 1/2 in wide by 12ft long. We came up with the idea not to just stack our images along the 12 ft cloth. Then we made a digital file 12 ft long and started to put the imagery together. Since I was in charge of the typography I had the idea to create the poem we found into water itself by feathering out some of the actual waterfall on the photos. It ended up looking great. After the first failure of ironing on we took our time with this piece. The iron on photos turned out good whic made us happy. We created unity with this piece by first having actual waterfall flow within the images and we cut wavy lines on the outside of each side of the cloth to give it that falling feel. Overall Im glad we went with this idea. It came out more elegant than I think our first idea would have. The bottom of the piece we didnt really know what to do so thats why it kind of lost its feel towards the end of it. This was a very interesting assignment though.

Note for the New Millennium

Is the Role of Design to Glorify Corporate Power?

This article was about how in the past design was used for telling what was in the package or what it was used for. Now design has become more about the design of the actual package rather than what is in it. Today most design is considered design by what the package looks like. Most designers are going to companies that all they do is create package design for other companies. There was a quote by Walter Benjamin who wrote humankind's "self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order."

May 2, 2006


This was a very interesting project that we as a group took part in. Joellyn had a friend that was interested in making a package to hand out to some people. His name was Jamie and worked for Institute for Sustaniable Future which they raised awareness of the environment and public health. He had these costumes that he would wear to spread the word of helping out the environment. He came to class to tell us what he would like in this package of his. His main idea he had was to make something for antibiotics resistance resistance. This was where farmers would give their livestock antibiotics that would help them grow faster but was also hurting the environment. He also wanted that ABXRR be this resistance and that this group would recruit these people. In this package he suggested to have trading cards, a berat, a link to a web page that would have something interactive, and an overall logo for this. I kind of took the role of creating the logo. I came up with something and everyone in the group liked it but my mistake is that I didnt make enough of them for Jamie to see. Well so we shot this idea at him but wasnt really down with it. He kept coming to us with different ideas and I think that really confused us as a group. So we all came up with alot more logo ideas and finally like one of them. Because time was getting short he came up with this dea to have to little wallet book that would let you know the dangers of eating certain animals. We made this and added the new logo and sent it to him and I believe he might have got some printed off. Overall this was a big learning experience for me because this was my first time working with and actual client. I learned alot from this and I will contribute what I did learn to my future with other clients.

By Design in Mankato

By Design camp was in Mankato on their campus. It was my first design event that I have been too. It was a weekend event so all of us from UMD stayed in the same hotel room together. I think we had like 8 or 9 people in there. The first night was a speaker then we went to. I cant remember who it was though. Then we went bowling to just to kind of get to know each other from other schools but the only people that went out with us was the Mankato students. The bowling alley on campus was pretty cool. We then went back to our hotel and right next door was a bar so we went there to have some drinks. The next day we woke up early to go back to the campus to get breakfast and we had 3 workshops that each student had. The workshops I had was printmaking, cd covers, and flash. In the cd cover workshops we learned how to make are own cd covers which was cool. The next workshop I had was printmaking which I have never taken before so it was very interesting. After this I think we had another speaker and then had lunch. The next workshop I had was flash but they changed it to screenprinting but that kind of fell through. All of us went back to our hotel and tryed to take a nap because we were all so tired. After that all of the students met up at Buffalo Wild Wings. We continued to hit up the bar scene around Mankato which was really fun. The next day we were supposed to show our portfolios but I had to leave early that morning so I couldnt participate.