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Goosberry Falls

Ryan, Erik, and I decided to document Goosberry Falls because we have all been there before so we kind of know where to get the best photos. Our first idea was to have a light blue cloth 4ft by 12ft long. We then cut sheets of a clear and a blue shower curtain to give it more that waterfall feel to the piece. We would then have fans that would be directed toward the cloth and have the strips blow in the wind. We also had the idea to use iron sheets to put our images on the cloth. We had everything done and so we went forward with ironing. We ironed our first image and noticed that all the white in the photo turned blue because of the blue cloth. We didnt like that so wwe trashed that altogether. We ran up to wal-mart to get a 12ft white cloth this time. We then cut it 8 1/2 in wide by 12ft long. We came up with the idea not to just stack our images along the 12 ft cloth. Then we made a digital file 12 ft long and started to put the imagery together. Since I was in charge of the typography I had the idea to create the poem we found into water itself by feathering out some of the actual waterfall on the photos. It ended up looking great. After the first failure of ironing on we took our time with this piece. The iron on photos turned out good whic made us happy. We created unity with this piece by first having actual waterfall flow within the images and we cut wavy lines on the outside of each side of the cloth to give it that falling feel. Overall Im glad we went with this idea. It came out more elegant than I think our first idea would have. The bottom of the piece we didnt really know what to do so thats why it kind of lost its feel towards the end of it. This was a very interesting assignment though.