May 2, 2006


This was a very interesting project that we as a group took part in. Joellyn had a friend that was interested in making a package to hand out to some people. His name was Jamie and worked for Institute for Sustaniable Future which they raised awareness of the environment and public health. He had these costumes that he would wear to spread the word of helping out the environment. He came to class to tell us what he would like in this package of his. His main idea he had was to make something for antibiotics resistance resistance. This was where farmers would give their livestock antibiotics that would help them grow faster but was also hurting the environment. He also wanted that ABXRR be this resistance and that this group would recruit these people. In this package he suggested to have trading cards, a berat, a link to a web page that would have something interactive, and an overall logo for this. I kind of took the role of creating the logo. I came up with something and everyone in the group liked it but my mistake is that I didnt make enough of them for Jamie to see. Well so we shot this idea at him but wasnt really down with it. He kept coming to us with different ideas and I think that really confused us as a group. So we all came up with alot more logo ideas and finally like one of them. Because time was getting short he came up with this dea to have to little wallet book that would let you know the dangers of eating certain animals. We made this and added the new logo and sent it to him and I believe he might have got some printed off. Overall this was a big learning experience for me because this was my first time working with and actual client. I learned alot from this and I will contribute what I did learn to my future with other clients.