January 30, 2006

First Things First

i think that the manifesto addressed that these designers were starting to get fed up with designing things such as dog biscuits, hair gel, and etc. the designers thought that they should use their skills for other things than for concumer use. i think i want to go into advertising so i could see where they are coming from. hopefully i wont designing something that i dont believe in or something that i just dont like to do but if it pays the bills then thats what i will do.1 idea that popped into my head was to use an image of moses showing the ten commandments off. i went online and found an image of moses and then used livetype to create a black and white image. i put that image in the lower left of the page and then had the text look like it was being zoomed in to the top right corner of the page. i also put red, yellow, blue light that was coming from behind the slab of rock that moses was holding to make it look like it was something great. the second poster i chose to use an image of a group of people. i put that image at the top of the page to make it look like it was these people that had created this manifesto. i then put the text below the group of people and then added some other shapes to make it look not so plain. View image