Assignment 5


To reiterate, my topic is Family Gatherings

I chose to focus on a camera as an archetypical existing object that plays a large role during the holidays because families usually want to document the event through photographs as it can be one of the only time they gather during the year.

Part One:
Put to other use
R everse/rearrange


Can I replace or change any parts?
Doesn't need a view finder

Can I use other ingredients or materials?
Wood, metal, fabric?

Can I use other processes or procedures?
Photos develop with sunlight

Can I change its shape?
Round, thin, small

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
It could come in various colors and play music to photos

What if I change its name?
Photographic Machine, Snapper, ClickClick

Can I substitute one part for another?
Viewfinder for video screen

Can I use this idea in a different place?
Cameras placed in different objects

Can I change my feelings or attitude towards it?
Vintage cameras evoke nostalgia

Can I use a different energy source?
Solar powered, powered by body heat

Scamper 5.jpeg


Can I combine or recombine its parts' purposes?
lens+viewfinder can be combined

Can I combine or merge it with other objects?
Can organize photos by facial recognition on camera

What materials could be combined?
metal and glass

Can I combine different talents to improve it?
Artistic+engineering talents

Scamper 2.jpeg


Is there something similar, but in a different context?

Does the past offer any lessons with similar ideas?
Pinhole camera

What could I copy, borrow or steal?
GoPro's mounting capabilities

What ideas could I incorporate?
Facial recognition

What different contexts can I put my concept in?
criminal photographs

What ideas outside my field can I incorporate?
artistic medium--not for family gatherings

Scamper 6.jpeg


What can you add?

What can be extended?

Can it be done faster?
ultra fast continuous pictures

What can be magnified or made larger?

What can be exaggerated or overstated?

What can be made higher, bigger or stronger?
Stand for camera

Can I add extra features or somehow add extra value?

Can it do more things?
Video/Slideshows of Family Gathering

Scamper 4.jpeg


How would a child use it? An older person?
child would use it to take random pictures of things
Older person would use it to take posed pictures

How would people with different disabilities use it?
Blind people could use it to describe people's appearance/scenes

Can I use this idea in other markets or industries?

Scamper 7.jpeg


What parts can be removed without altering its function?
Body of Camera

What's non-essential or unnecessary?
Bulkiness/Weight of camera

What if I made it smaller?
Lapel clip camera

What feature can I understate or omit?
Viewing hole

Should I split it into different parts?
one part lens attached to body by long extendable cord

Can I compact or make it smaller?
Fiber optic tiny camera



Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
Colors/patterns customizable for camera

Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
Lens points at you to take your picture

What if I consider it backwards? Inside out?
see-through shell

What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
Make it erase unwanted memories

Scamper 1.jpeg

Part 2: Morphological Analysis
Scamper 8.jpeg
Sketches that came from this exercise:
Scamper 13.jpeg
Scamper 15.jpeg
Scamper 16.jpeg

Part 3: Manipulating Previous Silly Ideas
Scamper 9.jpeg
Scamper 10.jpeg

Part 4: 10 Ideas to Move Forward With
Scamper 2.jpeg
Scamper 16.jpeg
Scamper 11.jpeg
Scamper 12.jpeg
Scamper 4.jpeg
Scamper 6.jpeg
Scamper 7.jpeg
Scamper 14.jpeg
Scamper 13.jpeg


Interesting choice of product! I love cameras. It's a little hard to see where it relates to the "winter" theme... but with some of the ideas, I can see that you've tried. -especially the hidden cameras in the christmas tree!- Have you checked out the Bublcam on Kickstarter?
That would be cool to turn into an ornament/camera!

Nice ideas. Cameras have always fascinated me. Historically, their transformation, even from the not so distant past is crazy and interesting.

I think you definitely have a wide swath of possibilities to go with. The scavenger hunt is almost like family-geocaching.

Confused about the instant birthday/x-mas card:
Would it have a tiny camera in it, or like an insert for a polaroid picture? Just needed some clarification on that.
Maybe add some comments with your pictures for part 4.
Otherwise, very good. clean pictures.

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