Assignment 7


Family Gatherings Product Selection

Pugh Chart of 5 best Ideas:
Pugh Chart.jpeg

I selected the facial recognition organizer camera as a benchmark product and chose evaluation criteria that were most relevant to the performance of the product in the market.

The idea that I selected to develop was the digital scrapbook.

Key Features:

  • Opens to two pages just like your grandma's old scrapbooks do

  • Sits on the shelf with other books

  • 100s of templates for every season/festivity

  • Design software similar to Adobe InDesign to customize layouts

  • Touch display

  • 32 GB storage for 1000s of photos/scrapbooks

  • The exterior features an 8 MP camera to take pictures and place them directly onto the page for extremely easy creation

With more than 25 million people in the U.S. identifying themselves as "Scrapbookers," this product definitely has market potential.
It would be the only physical device on the market that combines digital creation with viewing. (Not Create then Print)

I've named it Scrap because it's direct and descriptive by clearly identifying what the device is for and it's also is simple, short, and catchy. "Hey, bring your Scrap to the Christmas party tonight!"

Final Sketches:
Scrap Sketch.jpeg
Scrap Sketch 1.jpeg

Here are digital sketches I created of Scrap:
scrap open.jpg

Elevator Pitch:


I love this idea. I personally have hundreds of pictures saved to my computer and I have no idea what to do with them! However, there is always the possibility of electronics breaking, and something personable about having a hard copy of your scrapbook. Maybe adding a new twist on this idea like printing pages as you go would be a novel way of printing the scrapbook! I like how you did the renderings, they helped me to understand the product well and what it would look like. It would be nice to see a Pugh chart on here to see some of your process in narrowing down your ideas!

This is such a cool idea! I thought your elevator pitch was really well done, even though it was a bit over the time limit. You were very clear and concise with your product description which helped me understand what you had created. Something that I think you could possibly evolve this to would be software that could be put onto any computer or tablet. I know that I would love to mess around with my pictures on my phone while I was on the go! Your pitch was very thorough and your visuals were awesome. Your digital sketches were very well done and helped make the product easier to understand. If anything could possibly be improved, it would be the time and just make sure that when giving a presentation, your visuals aren't in front of your face. Overall, good job! I really like your idea!

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