Week 2

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Last week:
Leadership is the leading of others with no hidden agendas, and having the best interest for all. In order to remain a leader there must be respect, so leadership is balancing the peoples respect and the well being for all that is not always the easiest route.

This week:
Leadership is influencing others to pursue a common ambition. A leader, no matter the situation or position must be proactive and have a positive attitude.

After reading, "Deciding what you believe" I have decided that I define leadership as not positional but everywhere (Terry, p.28.) I have also discovered that leaders not only have respect but they have to influence because they are doing something that others also wish to pursue. A leader is nothing if no one follows them so they must be influential. Leaders also should be positive and proactive to lead the group in the best way possible.

Terry, R. (2001)."Deciding what you believe." Seven zones for leadership: Acting authentically in stability and chaos (pp. 20 ‐ 40). Mountain View, CA: Davies‐ Black Publishing, Inc.

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