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July 27, 2005

Baseball nibbler


The Internet is awash in baseball sites. Scores, statistics, analysis, blogs -- the list goes on and on. But one baseball site that just made Yahoo!'s pick of the week is a little different.

This Great Game is a web site that actually started out as a coffee table book about major league ball in the twentieth century. The content got so huge (and the estimated price for the book so high) that the authors, Eric Gouldsberry and Ed Attanasio, decided to transform it into a web site.

What I really like about this site is the esthetic feel of it. It kind of does fell like I'm flipping through a book, with a lot of attention paid to layout and design. All of the content is nicely grouped into a handful of sections. The best section, in my opinion, is The Yearly Reader. Each decade and every season is introduced with an interesting narrative -- a capsule of the decade or year that was. These are not exhaustive tomes, but concise and entertaining pieces that are perfect for a person like me who is more of a "nibbler" of information.

As I said, the seasons are grouped by decade. The 1910s are dubbed The Feds, The Fight, and The Fix; the 1960s: Welcome to My Strike Zone. As you delve into a season -- let's take last year's Four Score and Six Years Hence as an example -- you get links to the 2004 Standings, the Leaders & Numbers, and It Happened in 2004 (that last one always loads as really tiny, but point your cursor over it and click to enlarge).

There are other nice pieces, such as interviews and opinion essays (it's a new site, so there's only one essay at this point, about why the Rockies will never win a World Series). There's also a daily fix, called The Daily Comebacker, that highlights the hitter and pitcher of the day, among other stories, like the Derrek Lee Triple Crown Watch (go D. Lee!). And if you want some information fast, you can always do a quick look-up in the Index. Plus, it sounds like they're hoping to expand, putting up more features, photographs, and memorabilia.

Play ball!

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