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April 21, 2006

"Ouch!" or "Baseball life without D. Lee"

Derrek Lee injured

Yes, it looks like Derrek Lee will be in a cast and out of the Cubs lineup for up to two months. I didn't see the play that caused the injury on Wednesday night. I was in the kitchen at the time, packing my lunch for the next day. But I could overhear the announcers talking excitedly and bent an ear in the direction of the television. Then I called downstairs, "Are they saying Lee is injured?", following it up with an exasperated groan.

Oh well, the show must go on...

If there's a personal up-side to this, it is that I discovered a great, funny, and smart new podcast when seeking information (and consolation) about the injury. The Cubscast is a free podcast featuring Andrew Figgins, Zach Baliva, and Matt Sheppo -- a.k.a. Lou, Sneetch, and Sheps.

Today's episode (#139) features a lot of talk about the implications of Lee's injury and reflections on the bad karma of April 19th and 20th in history. Trying to lighten the mood, the topic later switched to the great job Ryan Dempster is doing as a closer for the Cubs: he has 23 consecutive saves and has yet to give up a run in 31 and one-third innings. To which one of them quipped, "it will only be a week before Ryan Dempster is involved in some horrific lawnmower accident."

But seriously, one of the things I liked about this Cubscast is that it wasn't all doom and gloom or a bunch of whining, which is a problem I have with some of the Cubs fan blogs. What can I say? I'm an optimist at heart. Go Cubbies!

BTW, looks like a call-up from AAA Iowa Cubs, Michael Restovich, will be replacing Lee on the Cubs roster.

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September 25, 2005

If it's September...

Chicago Cubs logo

I picked up my New York Times paper off the stoop this morning, brought it in, and glanced at the Sports section. (What kind of person have I become that I check the sports first? It used to go untouched. Anyway, now I always check it first before settling down with the front page.)

What I found was a huge, across-the-fold photo of Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano hanging his head as Biggio of the Astros rounded the bases in a 1st inning home run. The caption for the picture was, "It's September, and Cubs will be Cubs." Ouch!

The game wrap-up on starts off by saying "The Chicago Cubs were officially eliminated from the National League Wild Card race on Saturday." Wild Card? Heck, I'd forgotten about that weeks ago. All my hope is going towards the Cubbies reaching .500 and not finishing as a losing team. Go Cubbies!

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April 25, 2005

Cubs Fun (or is it Cubs Lament?): Dusty Dice

Found this graphic from cubsfun blog by way of The Cub Reporter. For a nice example of Dusty Dice being employed, see the third bullet point in this Cub Town post. (I know, I know -- I'm reading way too many Cubs blogs...)

See more graphics at the Cubs Fun Gallery.

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February 26, 2005

Yes, Virginia, you CAN get Cubbies tickets!

After a long and frustrating day yesterday, I was finally able to get some Cubs tickets. This was the first time I tried to get single game tickets from the Cubs web site. Home game tickets went on sale yesterday at 10 a.m.

After clicking on the appropriate link, you are taken to a "Virtual Waiting Room". Then you're told that people in the waiting room are being chosen at random. The waiting room page automatically refreshes every 30 seconds, at which point they re-assess whether it's your time to be chosen.

My chosen time didn't occur until 9:04 p.m. - a full 11 hours after I'd started this adventure. Granted, I was away from my computer for certain stretches, but still.

When I finally got touched by the Cubby gods, I had a heck of a time finding a game and a section that still had 4 tickets for sale. So I'm frantically clicking around their ticket site, because you are given a very short time frame to make your selection before they kick you back out to the waiting room. Not fun.

But I'm happy to announce that my family and I will be basking in Wrigley Field glory on Friday, July 1, watching them play the Washington Nationals (the Federals would have been a much better name!) from the Upper Deck. I'm sure to have forgotten all about this frustrating process by then.

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