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February 22, 2006

Creating icons and favicons in Photoshop

I'm a very visual person. I think more with pictures than with words. That's why I'm always looking for ways to put more graphics into my life and onto my desktop. When I'm searching for files and folders on my PC, I'm slowed down by having all the icons look the same and having to read the file/folder name. I've started converting those little manila folder icons into ones that represent the contents of the folder. Now I've found a tool that makes this conversion much easier.

I just stumbled upon this post: Favicon - How To Create A Favicon.ico | I've mentioned favicons before, but what was most useful about this article was the mention of a free Photoshop plugin that will convert anything you create or open in Photoshop into an icon file (.ico). It even works in the cheap version of Photoshop that I use, Photoshop Elements.

The plugin, called ICO Format, is one of the free products offered by Telegraphics.

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