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August 4, 2005

My thesis will never be this cool...

One of the great things about the Internet is that it's a perfect showcase for how creative people are. I just found another example courtesy of Salon's Audiofile.

What started out as Baba Brinkman's Honors Thesis has turned into an interesting literary tribute. Brinkman's The Rap Canterbury Tales is a translation of sorts from Chaucer's work into a rap/hiphop rhyme.

I think it's a great example of using academic skills in new and exciting ways. Brinkman has used his knowledge of Medieval literature and strong belief in hiphop lyrics as poetry to translate Chaucer's words not just into modern English, but into the language of hiphop. There's a example of his translational style here.

I'm not a fan of rap or hiphop, but I still think this is a very cool idea.

Posted by rigd0003 at August 4, 2005 5:13 PM | Cool web stuff