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June 13, 2006

Oh my god, that's me!

I was just picking up some lunch at the campus Union. Orientation is going on now for entering freshman, so it was more crowded than a usual Summer day. I happened to walk past the hall where they hold most of the orientation events and was a bit shocked to see myself up on the big screen at the far end of the hall. "Oh my god, that's me!"

A while back I was involved in the student health clinic's advisory committee. One of the directors asked if I would participate in a video the clinic was producing to show at orientation and highlight all of the services the clinic provides. They wanted to include some interviews with current students. I'd really come to appreciate the clinic's dedication to students and student involvement, so I happily said "yes" and showed up for the interview and just winged it.

Of course, I saw the video right after it was produced. It looked quite good. But I had one of those "that's what I look like?!" reactions to my portion of it. I was nervous during the interview and I tried to give thoughtful answers. What that came out looking like was that I was half asleep and a bit slow. Like I said, that was all a while ago, maybe two years, so I'd forgotten about it. Well, the video is still in rotation and "half asleep and a bit slow" looks even worse on a gigantic theatre screen.

Oh well, no Hollywood career for me...

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Oh stop! I bet you sound brilliant!!

Posted by: Jen at June 13, 2006 12:36 PM