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July 18, 2005

Star Wars Fan Films

Star Wars:Revelations

I'm a Star Wars fan, but I've just realized I'm not a fan. I'm so far out of the culture loop it took a foreign news site to educate me about fan films! I really enjoyed reading the recent BBC article on a new fan film, Star Wars:Revelations [note: direct link hasn't been connecting, perhaps their bandwidth has been overwhelmed?].

This 40-minute film was created and crewed by professionals volunteering their time and expertise. Shane Felix, a director, and his wife, a professional costume designer, put up the $20,000 to make the film and drafted other professionals for the 3-year project. More about the film and mirror sites for download can be found on a main Star Wars fan film site,

Another fun fan film site is atom films where they feature the 2005 Star Wars Fan Film Award Winners. I've got to check out the Trump show spoof, Sith Apprentice and movie spoof, Anakin Dynamite

Anakin Dynamite

Dynamite got mixed reviews, but this picture is hilarious enough to make me give it a go!

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