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A phenomena that I have observed is the color change the leaves on our trees go through. Everyone knows the clockwork of the season cycle of leaves. They bud in the springs, and open late spring - early summer. Next the leaves grow larger and become a dark green. In the fall, when temperatures start to cool, the leaves are starved of some nutrients and begin to change color due to the different chemicals present in the leaves. We also know that the leaf is dependent on the greater framework of the tree, of which it is a part. Whether the tree is getting an adequate supply of nutrients, water and sunlight decides if the leaves will wilt or become rich and full of life. One thing that we can't readily predict, is what color a leaf will turn, or how long it will stay on the tree before falling off. It is this phenomena that brings people out on brisk fall afternoons to observe the plethora of colors displayed amongst the leaves. Some leaves even exhibit different colors on one leaf. It is this mysterious and beautiful natural occurence that is the trademark of the season and why I chose to document this phenomena.

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