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Free-Speech Issue in Colorado

Colorado State University's newspaper editor is causing mixed opinions over a firsrt amendment issue, as stated on the New York Times' website. On Sept. 21,
the paper ran an editorial that read, "Taser this: Fuck Bush," directed at President Bush in response to the Sept. 18
incident at the University of Florida, where a student was shocked with a Taser gun after asking too many questions to Sen. John Kerry at a public meeting.

This week, a school supervisory board will decide whether or not to fire the editor in chief, J. David McSwane, for allowing this to be printed.

In an A.P. article, David Lane, McSwane's attorney, said that he had "absolute protection" under the First Amendment, continuing with
"The government, through a CSU body, cannot censor you for your comments nor may they retaliate against you for your op-ed piece regardless of whether they believe you have used 'offensive' language."