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At least 2 Dead After Plane Crash in Faribault

A small plane carrying four people crashed Sunday afternoon in Faribault, Minn., killing two. There were no reports about the other two, but three hospitals in the area reported that no plane crash victims were received Sunday. You can read about this on the Star Tribune and
Pioneer Press websites.

None of the passengers' identities were released as of Sunday evening.

The plane, which was a Cirrus SR 22, crashed a little before 3 p.m. at the Faribault Municipal Airport. It was registered to Mayo Aviation in Aberdeen, S.D., the FAA said.

Photos taken from a helicopter showed a deployed parachute lay near the crash scene.

I don't think it was appropriate to use the word "speculated" when it mentioned the 20 mph winds on the Star Tribune. Maybe it could have just stated something about the wind gusts without attributing them to an official spokesman. It s not a journalist's job to "speculate."

However, I thought the sentence "A deployed parachute lay nearby" was used really well. The placement and simplicity made it have a lot of 'weight' in the story.