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Barber Loses Shop in Fire

A story on the Star Tribune's website reported about a barber who lost his shop in an arson fire on Nov. 5.

Warren Smith, 55, now is making house calls to his customers in Virginia, Minn., and inviting them to come into his kitchen for haircuts. He said he doesn't care if someone wants a haircut at 9 or 10 o'clock, because without cutting hair, he has no income.

He sees less people now than he did before the fire, from 20 or 30 customers a day to about 15 now.

He said customers have been very appreciative of his house calls, but that he is even more appreciative than them for allowing him to continue his business.

One thing that really stood out to me was the last paragraph of the story. It made me wonder what the other building was that caught fire, and about the arsonist and his motive, which apparently had something to do with drugs. I also wondered if the barber shop was insured or not and how much of the $1 million in damage was done to the barber shop. I wish there was more detail reported about that, and less fluff about house calls.