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Foreign Students Boost Econony

According to the New York Times, A growing number of foreign students is increasingly contributing to our national economy.

International students' net contributions to the United States increased by a billion dollars in the 2006-07 school year from the previous year, the largest increase to date.

I appreciated how the story had quotes from an expert that could put some of the numbers into perspective, for example, how international students in New York contributed "--more than the Yankees, the Mets, the Rangers, the Knicks and the Giants combined.?

I also liked how the numbers were thoroughly explained in the context of change over time and that there were not too many statistics in one paragraph, which made it easy to comprehend.

However, the last three sentences of the article seemed tacked on because they didn't follow the same logical flow that the rest of the article did. The information in those sentences is relevant and newsworthy, though, and did belong in the story.