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King Tut's Face Unveiled to the Public

For the first time in history, the face of Ancient Egypt's most famous ruler, King Tutankhamen, will be on public display, according to BBC and AHN.

The mummy was placed in a climate-controlled case inside his tomb in Luxor's Valley of the Kings 85 years after the tomb was discovered by British explorer Howard Carter.

Before this event, only about 50 living people have seen the face of King Tut.

It is believed that he died over 3,000 years ago, at about the age of 19.

This was partly a plan to protect the remains. Archaeologists said the heat and the humidity brought into the tomb by about 5,000 tourists a day were harmful to the body.

The King's body was x-rayed in 1968. A shard of bone was found in his skull, leading some to believe that he was killed by a blow to the head, murdered, as some speculated, for religious reasons.

However a CT scan done in 2005 led some researchers to believe he was not murdered, but could have died of complications from a broken leg.

Though all researchers did not agree on this theory, they all said they rejected the idea that he was murdered.