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Semi Driver Pleads Guilty in Crashing into Trooper

The driver of a semitrailer truck pleaded guilty Friday to criminal vehicular injury and to driving under the influence after sideswiping a state trooper on I-94 near Sauk Centre, Minn., which can be read about in the Star Tribune.

Donald Kerkau, 46, of St. Louis, Mich., struck the car of trooper Gregg Gerhartz on June 5, which resulted in Gerhartz breaking his femur. Tests showed that Kerkau had marijuana and cocaine in his system during the accident, The Department of Public Safety said. The story from when Kerkau was charged can be read on WCCO's website.

The trooper was making a traffic stop at the time, and had his emergency lights on. Kerkau admitted to dozing off and not seeing the lights, according to a criminal complaint.

I am wondering if the use of the word "admitted" in both these stories isn't a little biased and unfair. Also, there wasn't much perspective from the truck driver's side of the story. I feel that both of these articles could have been a little more balanced.