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Swastikas Found at St. Cloud State

Two swastikas were scratched into the walls of a multicultural office's computer lab and a nearby men' room at St. Cloud State University, which can be read on the Star Tribune and WCCO's websites.

Police said that swastika in the computer lab was a foot long.

Police have classified the incident as bias-motivated property damage and said they are still looking for who is responsible for the crime.

The University made posters and sent emails to students calling the act despicable.

The WCCO version of the story had a quote from Steven Ludwig, the Vice President of Administrative Affairs at St. Cloud State, which I felt made it more personal to read than the A.P. version which quoted no one.

They were both pretty short stories, which is fine for this story, but I still feel like there is some information missing. I would have been interested to hear what some students had to say about the incident.