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Victim of LRT Accident Identified

A pedestrian killed by a light-rail train in south Minneapolis was identified Friday as Gary X. Langlois,48, of Minneapolis, according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

The accident happened at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday at the 46th Street station. Langlois was not carrying identification during the accident.

It is not clear why he was on the tracks, but all safety warnings were working properly at the time, according to Julie Johanson, Metro Transit Assistant General Manager. She also said an investigation is under way.

The identity of the train driver, whom Johanson said had a "very good" safety record,
will be released Monday.

This was the second light-rail death at the 46th Street station, and the fifth since the light-rail system started in 2004.

I felt that these stories should have included some information about the victim's family. How was he identified? Also, I am left wondering what officials think about the safety of the light-rail trains. Do they consider these five deaths a concern, or not? What should be done about light-rail safety?