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Canada farmer found guilty for murder

A Canadian pig farmer was found guilty of second-degree murder of six women, and is awaiting a possible trial for the deaths of 20 others, according to BBC news and CBC news.

The remains of the six women were found on Robert Pickton's property by police in 2002.

The verdict came after a week of deliberation, and 10 months of testimony, including almost 130 witnesses, thousands of pieces of forensic evidence and video of Pickton telling police that he had hoped to kill 50 women.

Murder conviction in Canada requires a life-sentence, so Pickton will serve at least 6, depending on if he goes to trial for the 20 other murders of which he is suspected.

Most of the women that Pickton is accused of killing were prostitutes and drug addicts from Vancouver.

He was charged with first-degree murder, but the jury did not have enough evidence to prove that these murders were pre-planned, and found him guilty of second-degree murder.

I thought both of these stories were structured well, and very easy to read and understand.