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Hastings cop may lose job

A story in the Pioneer Press does a really good job of investigative reporting to get information about a Hastings police officer, whose future is yet to be determined by an arbitrator within 30 days of last Friday.

Rene Doffing was suspended with pay on March 27 for an incident undisclosed to reporters that happened on March 26. He stopped receiving pay in May.

The reporter was able to find out that the incident involved a Wisconsin man who was hospitalized for minor injuries. The city of Hastings has been paying the man's medical bills.

The reporter also did a good job interviewing Doffing's co-workers to get character information and learn about the officer's past.

The part about Doffing threatening to kill a 16-year-old following a dispute over a tennis ball hitting his car, after mentioning the officer's height and weight, created a very vivid image that helped tell the story of Doffing's anger.