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Naked men buy candy in Arizona

On CNN, there was a story about two naked men who went into a convenience store, shortly after 3 a.m., to buy candy, soda and dough nuts in Phoenix.

The reporters interviewed the cashier who was working at the time. She let them come into the store, unaware of their lack of clothing.

She said she did not want to call the police because they were being polite and not hurting anything, but that if this becomes a habit, then she will.

The names of the men were not mentioned, but their faces were shown on the surveillance footage from the store, which aired on television December 5.

Though this is not the hardest news in the world, it has entertainment value and tells the story of regular, working-class people. This is not the most important kind of story to society, but it still serves an important niche in journalism.

News companies should, however, be weary about airing too many "fluff" stories like this one
to maintain credibility and integrity.