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4: Hmm..what would I do?

Well, since we can use our imaginations here, I am going to get a little crazy with this one. Hope you don't mind, and try to follow along with an open mind. Here goes...

I have always been interested in the "underwater world". You know how in "The Little Mermaid" all Ariel wants to do is live on land with the people, well I always though it would be cool to live underwater. So if I was not busy learning about reality and legitimate types of architecture, I would be spending my time trying to find ways in which we could live underwater. Think about it, how cool would it be to just live underwater and get around by walking through clear tunnels. Through them you could see all the water things (like sharks, fishies, dolphins, etc...)

I was even thinking that instead of cars, we could all travel around in submarines! How comepletely awesome would that be!? Also, the submarines would not cause water pollution (or air pollution for that matter). They would be very environmentally friendly, and super cool.

Also, we could have underwater hotels and restaurants. These would also be environmentally friendly. I’m not sure how they will be environmentally friendly, but I will find a way. Even though I am not in school learning about ways to do this, I will have to find it out on my own. This is one minus to not going to school. But no worries, the underwater world will still be sweet. It’ll be like going to underwater adventures, only it will be way cooler. And you would get to go every day. How incredible would this be?? Obviously these aren't my ideas, I just think they are awesome:

These would be the tunnels that we would walk around in, if we didn't feel like taking the submarine out for a spin.


Having everyone live underwater would be insane and pretty unrealistic, but it's fun to imagine! Who knows, maybe one day when we run out of space to put people on land, we'll decide to put people in the water. We have way more water than land anyways. Might as well use it :)