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2: The pollution in Minneapolis is killer!

So I was thinking about different kinds of "social-design" issues in Minneapolis that I could write about and I wanted to do something other than pollution because it seems like thats what everyone is going to write about. So I sat staring at my screen for about 20 minutes thinking about what other issue I could talk about. In the end, I couldnt think of anything that is more of an issue than pollution here in the cities. So I have decided to be very original and discuss the issue of Minneapolis pollution! :)


This image may look pretty but it's really not. This is light from the pollutions in Minneapolis. Sure it might look pretty now, but in reality, it is slowly killing our ozone layer. Once our ozone layer is gone, it isn't going to look very pretty anymore. The reason why Minneapolis has so much pollution is from the old coal-burning power plants all over minneapolis. According to, www.sierraclub.org, children that attend schools in Minneapolis have twice the national rate for asthma because of the cities pollution. Another reason for the pollution is the fact that its a major city. All cities have pollution problems because it is where people work. Minneapolis is definitely not the worst city when it comes to pollution, but it is up there!


Not only is it pollution in Minneapolis that is an issue, but just from walking around to classes, I notice a lot of garbage lying on the ground. How difficult is it to put your garbage in a trash can? It'd be a little different if there were no trash cans anywhere to put garbage, but I swear there is a trash can like every 5 feet, so that cant be an excuse for not throwing something away. It's really gross to see so much garbage around. There is a lot of garbage laying around on campus, especially when people are handing out fliers, passes to get into clubs, coupons, etc... I understand that it's really annoying to get handed something you dont want, but dont just toss it on the ground; Wait 3 seconds to pass a garbage can and throw it in there. It's not that difficult.

And as far as pollution goes, it is impossible to prevent it totally, but there are many ways to reduce it.
I know that we, as students, cannot do much about the old coal refineries, but after doing some research, i found out that a good way to reduce pollution from coal plants is to use natural gas instead of coal. Supposedly it is much better for the air and reduces smog and other bad things in the air by about 90%. So there is a little info for those of you who care. Maybe one day some of you will build a refinery with your awesome architectural skills and remember what i said about using natural gas instead of coal!
Also, instead of commuting to the U in your own car, maybe take the bus, or carpool with friends. If you live on campus, dont bring a car. Whats the point? Ride a bike, take the bus, or walk to class. I walk in the freezing cold, and although it sucks really bad, I get over it. I'd much rather be cold for 10 minutes than die because our ozone layer disappears. (okay so I might be exaggerating just a little, but you get my point).

Ways to prevent pollution:

Carpooling at it's best!

All the cool kids are doing it!

....haha. i love it.