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volunteering wk. 7

April 11th (1.5 hours)

When I got to the lewis house this week, there was not too many things that needed to be done. A guy showed up with a few bags of donations that I brought down to the donation room and organized. It was mosty all women's clothes. After I was done sorting donations, I was asked to get rooms ready for guests that were coming to stay there. I cleaned out the rooms that needed new sheets and towels. There were three rooms that people just moved out of that needed to be ready for new guests. I brought down all the dirty blankets and sheets and brought up clean ones. I made 6 bunk beds and put a cute little stuffed animal on each bed for the guests to keep. It actually fun picking out the covers and stuffed animals to put on the beds. This reminded me of things we have discussed in class, because I was getting the rooms ready for the guests, I made the rooms look very welcoming and comfortable. I hope the new guests will like them!!

bunk beds.bmp

Here is the website for the place I volunteer at. Sorry that I did not post it earlier, I didn't really think about it.