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volunteering wk. 8

Friday, April 25th (2 hrs)

I was really glad to have volunteered this week because they REALLY needed me! They put me to work as soon as I got there! There was about 9 or 10 boxes filled with frozen foods, canned foods, cereals, pickles, soups and other sorts of foods. All of this needed be be brought into the basement, especially the frozen foods because they were starting to thaw. so right away I was carrying really heavy frozen foods down to the basement. I probably went up and down the stairs at least 20 times and I was exhausted by the time I was done! After all the food was put away, I had to empty even more boxes. Only these weren't filled with food; they were filled with supplies, construction paper, and paper towels. I had to empty all of these and restock the cabinets. In order to make room for all of the paper towels, I had to empty out a whole top shelf of a cabinet filled with shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. I had to bring all of those down to the donation room before I could stock it up with the paper towels. Once all of the boxes were emptied and everything was put away, I had to break down all of the boxes and bring them out to the recycling. It was very tiring but it was a really good work out :) When I was all done, they were extremely thankful that I came to help out and I was pretty proud of myself as well. It was a good day.