New issue of the UMD Library Connection Newsletter

There's a new issue out of the bi-annual Library Connection Newsletter, now an online publication.

Contents include:

Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country
Call for NEMBA Nominations
Memo from the Director
Writing Tutors Set Up Shop
A Dedication and Passings
Library Guides
Student Fees Move to UM Pay Accounts
Hours: Finals Week and Winter Break

New Books and Videos

We maintain a page on the library website where you can always go to see <a href="">what books and videos have been purchased recently</a>. We update it monthly, and keep the lists archived on the site.

I like to go to that page regularly to see what we've been getting that I didn't know about.

At Your Service

Note to Anthropology students:

I just want to let you know that I'm available to help you with your research on projects in your major. Part of what I do, besides helping students at the reference desk, selecting books, and teaching instruction sessions, is helping students with their research in my office. So if you're stuck trying to find good resources for a project or just want to improve your research skills, contact me and make an appointment. Here is my contact info:

Rory Litwin
Librarian for Anthropology
Office: Library 268 (2nd floor)
Phone: 726-7896

I hope to hear from you. 

Greetings from your librarian

Greetings to Anthropology students and faculty at UMD.

Here you will find news about the library's services, especially new resources for the study of Anthropology.

I look forward to assisting you with your research. Feel free to drop by my office in the library, room 268, on the second floor.


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