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Agenda for May 24 Meeting

Learning Commons Planning & Information Team Meeting

Date: Thursday, May 24
Time: 9:05 - 9:55
Place: KPlz 173
Meeting Leader: Liz
Recorder: Sunshine


1. Communication Mechanisms
a. Rory will give a blog (http://blog.lib.umn.edu/rlitwin/lcplanning) demonstration/tutorial at the next meeting
b. Final review of groundrules

2. How to gather input from students
-Decide on surveying techniques and questions to ask
-Review technicalities of gathering input from students
-Create a subgroup responsible for surveying students?
-Further discuss the idea of forming a student [advisory] group

3. Possible topics for future agendas/plan future agendas
-Need to gather input from Head of Reference Kathryn Fuller. When do we meet with her to discuss her ideas @ Learning Commons?
-Field trip to Multi-Media Hub?
-Meet with Rick Brill for ideas about incorporating new furniture and equipment in GSRs?
-Walk about 1st and 2nd floors
-Need floor plans of Library
-Meet with faculty who make assignments in MM Hub to learn about their expectations?

4. Other