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June 26 Meeting Agenda

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Place: L 142
Meeting Leader: Liz
Recorder: TBD


1. Update on Work of Team
*My Conundrum
*Time/Best use of time
--Continue to create plans or concentrate on what is in our control?
--Count down to fall. How much time do we need to move Media Hub?
--Need to determine level of support from Chancellor/Vice Chancellor
--Need authorization to work with architect
--Need authorization to discuss ideas with other stakeholders, e.g. Food Services

2. Plan de jour
*Present an executive summary/project description & update to Vice Chancellor ASAP—scheduled for Wednesday, June 27
*Do what we can do to get ready for Fall—concentrate on what is in our control
*In Fall gather input from students, Library staff and ITSS staff, work with architect, plan, present plans to all stakeholders, develop and present budgets

3. Review rough draft of executive summary/project description for input

4. Next meeting—planning for Fall Semester. What is in our control?
Media Hub
Equipment check out
Multi-media viewing stations