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June 7 Meeting Agenda

Time: 9:05 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.
Place: KPlz 172
Meeting Leader: Liz
Recorder: TBA


1. Show and Tell--Rough draft of Proposal A
Kyle and I sketched out some of the ideas that we discussed at our meeting on Tuesday. I'd like to share them with the group and get your feedback. Kyle will bring extra blank floor plans for you to draw up your ideas.

2. What goes where?
Let's start a list of possible space assignments for different components and services

3. What happens first? second? third?
We need to identify what moves need to happen for Fall 2007 -- Phase I
We need to identify the sequence of moves and the impact and create a timeline

4. What are the givens/absolutes, stumbling blocks, what could change, etc.

5. What data do we need? what data do we have?

6. Do we have a proposal B and/or C?

7. Set a deadline for presenting proposals to Bill, the Library Management Team, and other stakeholders