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Minutes -- Thursday July 17, 2007

Meeting location & time: L142 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Sunshine Carter, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

1. Computers
a. Plans are still underway to move full access computers from L119 to the third floor.
b. Sunshine will work with Rick Brill to coordinate computer signage efforts
c. How should we arrange the computers (basic access vs. full access; Macs vs. PC)

2. Results of meeting with Vince Magnuson and Robert Krumwiede
a. Liz and Jason will need to re-edit executive summary and send to Vince.
b. Our group will focus on the concept of the Information Commons and the services we would be providing
c. The name of the project is going back to "Information Commons" from "Learning Commons."

Next Meeting: Thursday July 19, 2007
Recorder: Sunshine Carter