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Minutes -- August 21 2007

Meeting location & time: L142 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin
Recorder: Rory Litwin

The Media Hub is fully operational in its new location. Full access machines have been moved to their new 3rd floor location but are not yet up and running. Mary Olson-Reed has a temporary office in the utility space behind room 119. Liz proposed using Adele's office as office space for Mary after Adele's retirement, also a temporary move. Basic access machines are ready to move into their new area after Sun Rays are moved out.

Rick Brill had ITSS's student graphic designer create some signage to designate Full and Basic access areas. This signage was discussed in relation to the ITSS branding that is on the signs, since the Basic Access signs will be identifying non-ITSS computers. The decision was to use ITSS's brand/logo only on the Full Access computers. There will also be green signs made for any equipment intended for public use (like the guest computers and the media viewing/listening stations that are moving to the 3rd floor).

We will try a Wednesday morning coffee and donut hole service in the Fall semester in the library, on the first floor. Liz will look into further relaxing food rules to make this possible.

Discussion of plasma screens to display information in the library. Jason talked about a system in place in the Twin Cities that we can buy into. We would use their server package, software, and support. This system would allow us to centrally coordinate multiple monitors.

Liz will send out our original attribute matrix from our site-visit preparation for us to use to brainstorm activities for moving the Information Commons forward without making architectural changes.