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Minutes -- Tuesday August 23, 2007

Meeting location & time: KPlz 172 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Sunshine Carter, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

Work will begin on moving the Basic Access computers into the Multimedia Viewing Area (MMVA) of the library. Furniture needs to be rearranged and connections need to be established once the media viewing equipment is moved to its new location. Jason will arrange for a team of workers to help move the current cubicle dividers and tables. Paul will remove the signage to the MMVA.

Sunshine will continue to work with Rick Brill and Mary Olson-Reed on signage. The IC team decided to use the computer signage with the white background and the maroon print. A sign directing users to the Multimedia Hub will be designed and printed.

There is no news from Vince yet on the proposal.

Liz announced she will be the temporary head of Circulation for a one-year period following the retirement of Adele Krusz. The library will be hiring a library consultant to evaluation a possible reorganization.

A discussion followed on possible ways to move forward. Suggestions included a coffee cart, video kiosks, presentation rooms and writing & tutoring centers.

Next meeting: There are no more meetings scheduled for our group.