May 24, 2007

How to send notifications

Okay, how to do notifications:

When you first make an entry, click save instead of publish.

Then it will come back with the same editing window, but with some tabs above the edit frame. The rightmost tab is labeled "notifications."

You click that, and you can send the notification from the next screen.

I discovered that I can't send a notification for another person's post unless I make myself the author of it, which I will not do unless there is specific reason to. So, that means it's up to any of us posting to make sure to do the notification step.

Thanks, Liz, for the notification tips.

May 22, 2007

Ground Rules

Ground Rules
Learning Commons Planning & Implementation Team

1. Liz Benson Johnson will run the meetings; Jason Davis will run them in her absence. If Liz and Jason are both absent, no meeting will be held.
2. A quorum of team members is not required for decision making.
3. Agendas will be posted by the meeting leader to the Learning Commons blog* by 5PM the day prior to the meeting.
4. During the meetings we will have free discussion (without having a motion from the floor) as long as it pertains to the current agenda item. Voting will be informal unless the issue is contested, at which point we will formalize the process (motion, second, discussion, vote).Discussions will not be considered confidential unless so stated at the meeting.
5. The Learning Commons blog* should be a place for further discussions, comments, ideas
6. Minutes will be posted by the Recorder to the Learning Commons blog* by the end of the meeting day.
7. The members agrees not to undermine the decisions of the team
8. Ground rules can be revised at any time

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May 10, 2007

1st Learning Commons Planning & Implementation Team meeting


Jason and I are looking forward to working with you on planning and implementing a Learning Commons for UMD students in the Library.

The Library Management Team has approved our team description and charge. It is located at:

The kickoff meeting for the Learning Commons Planning & Implementation Team is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15 from 9:00 a.m. - 10 a.m. in Library Annex 250.


1. Introductions
2. Review Team description & charge
3. Establish ground rules
4. Set a standing meeting time
**Everyone please have your calendar up to date for summer

Preliminary deadlines
June 1 Sponsors & Team Leaders meet with all potential stakeholders & report back
June 1 Submit a generic work order to FM for Phase I work
June 15 Rough out which resources going where and in which phase

Other important tasks not outlined in charge
*Determine scope of potential AV check-out
*Create detailed implementation plans
*Design communication plans (including ways to get input from staff and students during planning)

Our main goal this summer is to relocate the Multimedia Hub to the Library by mid-August so that we're ready for Fall semester.

Jason and Liz